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We are pleased to offer you an opportunity in London’s booming commercial property market with FIXED ASSURED returns with a low entry investment.

This opportunity offers fixed returns of 11,25% up to 15,5% per annum for five years, giving you a total return on investment of £11,250 GBP for a low entry investment of just £20,000 GBP.

With BREXIT and currency depreciation, the UK has seen record investment entries into the business, property and sub sectors. Workspace Offices are the fastest growing sector globally in commercial 'buy-to-let' type offerings.

We now have exclusivity on the second phase of an exciting FIXED Return investment in London, offering the following:

  • 11.25% -15,5% ASSURED returns for 5 years
  • Low entry starting at £20,000 GBP – This equates to £11,250 GBP PROFIT in 5 YEARS  (14% rental income per year). For £80,000 investment , PROFIT IN 5 YEARS is £62,000 GBP (16% rental income per year).
  • Buy back option at 5 years with full investment capital paid back.
  • Investor can cancel the contract after 2 years and get his investment 100% back.
  • Exciting business concept and market – SECURE and SAFE!

The new building in London has 78% occupancy already signed and will publish its accounts online in in the next 6 weeks, being located and operated in the UK.

This is the most transparent and exciting co-working offering in the market, please find the video below which gives a  brief introduction to this opportunity.



How is my work space unit protected?
Your investment is assured and protected by legally binding agreements with WorkSpace Commerce Limited, who operate in ultra-prime property locations globally. All work space unit/s ownership and lease agreements have been writtenand approved by specialist lawyers.

What do I get ownership of?
You will receive a contract specifically setting the terms and conditions of your ownership. This contract states that the company is contractually obliged to pay you a set income payment over a set period of time. You also will receive an ownership certificate for your work space unit.

I want to have a look at the co-working premises first.
You are welcome, all premises are open to the public and youcan visit at any time.

How can you guarantee such reasonable returns?
Co-working office space is a highly profitable business model and we release only a limited number of leases to purchasers. The lease space you purchase is non-linear; this means multiple membership holders that all pay a monthly fee can use each workspace. This substantially increases returns and margins for the owner operator and protects your returns.

What are the limitations as a foreign investor of the country?
There are no limitations to foreign investors owning a coworking lease with WorkSpace Commerce Limited in any
location internationally.

Do I pay tax on my rental income?

It’s not possible for us to offer tax advice due to the fact that our investors are in different locations across the world and have different personal circumstances. Debentures/Lease options are a common ownership mechanism
used for many years by famous sports clubs such as Wimbledon Centre Court, Wembley Stadium and some of the world’s most famous golf clubs and should be familiar to most tax advisors.  WorkSpace Commerce Limited does not withhold any taxes regardless of the jurisdiction of the purchaser.

If lease or rents go up in locations, does this affect my returns in anyway?
Not at all. The reason we are paying such attractive returns is because the company has the ability and the increase in lease or the city’s property market will not affect your investment.

What’s the expected Capital Growth?
Your capital is expected to grow above the line of inflation with your fixed returns thus ensuring the same purchasing power in the future. Please note we will not index your initial premium as the returns have this already built in. 

How do I exit from my work space unit agreement, in case?
Below is an outline of the many options for you to do so:
• 105% buy back call option from WorkSpace Commerce Limited any time after 3 months.
• When your lease option matures at end of year 5, your money will be forwarded directly to the bank of your choice.
• On the 5th year, you have an optional buy out at 100% of your purchase price.
• When your lease expires on year 10, you will have a compulsory automatic buy back at 100% of your initial
purchase price. (please see terms and conditions for rates from year 5-10).
• Trade your work space/s back to the company after Year 1.

What happens to my lease space if WorkSpace Commerce Limited is acquired by a larger group
or floats on the stock exchange?

Any liquidity event allows the company access to even greater capital reserves with which to service the coupon of its partners. The company does reserve the right to buy back the lease at any time after 3 months by returning the capital along with an additional 105% return on the invested capital, thus giving you your projected 5 year capital appreciation at an earlier date.