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  • Full or fractional ownership (freehold) of a 5-star Luxury Resort
  • Guaranteed 8% annual return on your investment from rental fees for a full 10 years, with no service or maintenance fees.
  • Unique Buy Back/Exit Strategy 10 Year Plan Option, which guarantees you the right to sell your property back to the developer after 10 years for 120% what you paid for it. (for a combined guaranteed return of  200% of your purchase price over 10 years)
  • Annual use of the property for up to 4 weeks in addition to rental returns (special terms apply).
  • Property ownership shares begin at $25,000 USD, and include the right to Dominican Republic citizenship and a passport. Also, getting visa to USA is much easier with such passport and our lawyers will assist you with it.

Spain - EU
By first becoming a citizen of the Dominican Republic (DR) you can then become a citizen of Spain without the need to invest in Spanish property. To become a citizen of DR you first must invest in a freehold property. However, with this program, a simple fraction of a property is acceptable. This program enables an application with only a 1/12th fractional purchase of the freehold. Prices begin at just USD 25,000, have a guaranteed exit at 10 years repaying 100% whilst paying you a fixed net annual income of 8%. All tax free in DR.

Why Spain encourages easy immigration for DR Citizens?
Spain has a closer relationship with the Dominican Republic than with any other former Spanish colony. The majority of the DR’s all-inclusive hotels are Spanish-owned, part of more than $US 10 billion worth of Spanish investments in the country. This underscores the level of economic and political cooperation between the two countries, and explains why both feel that relatively easy residency policies are in their mutual interest.

First, one must gain residency in Spain for at least 2 years. All processes will be overseen by our lawyers and their partners, and administered by Arelis Versa.

The main route to Spanish residency is acquiring a Type B initial work permit (good for 12 months), followed by a Type C permit. A work permit will require sponsorship from an approved sponsor such as ‘Royal Resorts’ in which you will have purchased your fractional property. Arelis Versa will facilitate this. They will not be required to work in Spain provided they can demonstrate an income of $1500 usd per month, this can come from any source so long as they can demonstrate it, if they can not demonstrate that solvency every month then they will be required to have employment in Spain which we can assist with through cross affiliation with the hotels.  
Once you have your DR citizenship in place, Arelis Versa processes your Spanish residency followed then by citizenship

A Dominican citizen making the residency application will receive a Foreigner’s Identity Card/number (TIE/NIE). They must then provide evidence of their spouse and/or children’s status, including marriage/birth certificates, passports, and criminal histories. Assuming the dependents have no criminal history, they will receive residency permission for the duration of the Visa approval period, and then formal residency status for the duration of the primary visa.

Next, one must qualify for permanent residency in Spain.
Under Codigo Civil Articles 17 – 26, (modified by laws 19/1990 and 29/1995), a Dominican citizen meets the standards for Spanish permanent residence and subsequent citizenship, so long as they:

·       Have been resident in Spain for 2+ years, and
·       Pass a medical and criminal screening just prior to receiving their new Spanish residence or citizenship documentation.
It is important to note that the DR Citizen applying for Spanish residence need not have ever lived or worked in the DR.

Lastly, one must apply for Spanish citizenship.
This is typically possible in as little as 18 months for DR Citizens who are also Spanish Permanent Residents.

All nationalities are included however it does take longer to get clients from certain countries approved and is usually done on a case by case basis.

Application and processing costs

All application and legal fees plus the property cost.

Citizenship of Dominican Republic.

6390 USD (or 8390 USD if applied remotely) per applicant (same fee for investor and each family member, including kids up to 25 years old) for example, investor + 2 family members make 3 x 6390 USD.

Permanent Residence Permit in Spain

34.000 USD for the whole family

(Fees are subject to change, please 
contact us to confirm the most accurate costs)

Invest just 25,000 USD to 5-star Luxury Resort with guaranteed 8% rental income per year for 10 years + buy back option with 20% bonus and apply for citizenship of Dominican Republic  (not to be confused with Dominica).


  • Residency in the Dominican Republic is now the most efficient and cost effective in the world, and is now even easier to achieve through an exclusive arrangement with Palm View Resort. 
  • The Dominican Republic offers full anonymity and generous tax concessions to each successful applicant.
  • Our service team truly puts you on the fast track, with handover of Real Estate within 4 to 6 Months, automatic DR residency in just 3 months, and automatic citizenship (and the right to travel on a DR passport) within 6 to 12 months.
  • Your off-shore finances are never taxed by the Dominican Republic.
  • Permanent residency is not required, nor is any kind of language or citizenship test.
  • This program is open to investors and families of any nationality.
  • Dominican Republic passport holders may work anywhere within the Caribbean community.
  • Any future children automatically gain the right to a Dominican Republic passport automatically.
  • The Developer Refund Guarantee – If the Dominican Republic refuses your application for any reason, your investment will be returned to you.